The Blue Pearls

Bela Stephens is the powerhouse of The Blue Pearls being guitarist, composer & bandleader. He can take you to guitar heaven with a superb lyrical solo on his vintage Les Paul or an adrenalin charged high octane wild wah-wah solo.

Bela's songs with sincere lyrics reveals his "you-can't-live-with-them-you-can't-live-without-them"-experiences with women. His visionary songs are written with instinct and insight.

Bela likes to give the other group members an opportunity to shine. "No matter who's stunning the audience it's still The Blue Pearls".

[ Bela Stephens ]

Perry Marshall sings heartfelt with a coloured tone. He can also deliver a red hot solo on the harmonica and lay down an inspired rhythm on his white Strat. Perry has paid his dues, that is why he can sing and play with great passion and the next minute with bare raw emotion.

Whether it's an original Blue Pearls composition or a blues classic, Perry sings with a confidence like he owns them. His sandpapery vocals heavily influenced by mentor Ray Charles makes him a highly appreciated blues singer.

In his finest moments Perry performs delicate vocals with an almost unbelievable expression.

[ Perry Marshall ]

Madman plays solid pulsating bass runs. He has a natural gift for playing the blues, his fretwork is consequently very authentic.

Madman is a real showman, he can always establish a pleasant atmosphere and a dialogue with the audience. He is also very much responsible for the humorous side of The Blue Pearls, and helps the other members not take themselves too seriously.

Madman spend his sparetime birdwatching...

[ Madman ]

Jay Rhodes is the group's quiet guy. He has a feel for economy in his playing. Jay can play the piano beautifully controlled as well as creating the vintage blues sound.

He is someone to lean on when it gets drafty. Jay has a sence of responsibility and is engaged in animal rights.

[ Jay Rhodes ]

Per Lindberg is a versatile drummer and masters many kinds of expressions on his tight kit. Influences comes from both jazz & blues and he is continuously developing his style.

Per plays tasty with a laid-back flavour as well as with urgency and drive. His shuffle swing in sync with the bass causes the whole band to cook.

[ Per Lindberg ]

Photos of The Blue Pearls by Kent "Kingston" Branzell

The Blue Pearls

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