The Blue Pearls

[ Peter Green ]

The Blue Pearls are a versatile and exciting group carrying on the legacy of heartfelt music. We write and perform our music for people with open minds.

There are a lot of purists who have foolishly set boundaries of what they are willing to accept as blues, jazz, classical, etc etc.

We can not and should not be restricted by these emotionally immature people.

The Blue Pearls are runaways from the "12-bar-prison". It is obvious on songs like "It's All In Your Head" and "Charmed Of The Moonlight" which are performed brave and uncompromised.

We hope to open many ears amongst the new generation also for our kind of music.

A lot of those who today praise Peter Green as the greatest white bluesman, rejected songs like "Rattlesnake Shake" and "The Green Manalishi" in the 60's and 70's when Peter introduced them.

Peter Green told me in person that this saddened him and caused him a lot of frustration. Peter left Fleetwood Mac partly because he found it hard to convince - the other members of the band - as well as the audience that he needed to break out from the "12-bar-strait-jacket".

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