[ Bela Stephens ]

We often receive requests from our fans - if we could send them our CD "Watch Out". This is encouraging of course and we are glad that so many people are interested in our music.

BUT, we have neither the time nor funds to meet everybody's requests.
We can send our CD only to radio stations, record companies, managements etc etc.

We have generously offered materials from our CD as Mp3 files. Our songs have been played over 100 000 times. We hope that you can be patient and find pleasure with these lenghty samples, till we'll find a company that will officially release our CD...

Every now and then we also get requests on copies of rare Fleetwood Mac recordings. You must realize that it would be an infringement of copyrights. It is therefor totally out of the question that we will take part in such unauthorized copying. We suggest that you check out, a site where you can find a great variety of Fleetwood Mac records.

We appeal to your understanding.

Kind regards,

Bela Stephens