The Blue Pearls

The Blue Pearls play the blues numbers true and honest, which is no contradiction to playing new kinds of music as well.

Our music and lyrics describe our lives and the things that are important to us: relations and our existence in it's whole.

When push comes to shove you can only be true to yourself. You can choose to make honest songs and thereby reveal your inner mind, or to play it safe and do "Mickey Mouse versions" of the blues.

[ The Blue Pearls ]

Playing in a group is very much like a close marriage. You have to be there for each other and not just act like a grown-up but also being one.

The chemistry between us causes the excitement in the music that we perform. You can feel that we like - and rely on - each other. We get a kick out of playing together, be it in the rehearsal studio or in front of an audience.

Hope to see you at our next concert.

Bela Stephens

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