The Blue Pearls

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The Blue Pearls are a band from Sweden playing the music they love. They communicate their own blues and rock feeling, which is improvisational innovative music - heavily rooted in blues.

You can find bands who imitate blues music because they think it's "hip". More rarely you will find groups like The Blue Pearls who actually play the blues and stick loyal to it's simplicity and musical magic.

Without B.B. King and Elmore James there would not have been a Fleetwood Mac. Consequently you can say that The Blue Pearls are a result of their inspiries Fleetwood Mac.

The Blue Pearls mainly play compositions written by bandleader/ guitarist Bela Stephens altered with Fleetwood Mac classics. This mix of originals and Fleetwood Mac songs appeals to peoples musical nerve. The Blue Pearls play as much to amuse themselves, as to please an audience and that has given the band an air of freeedom which people find highly attractive. Nobody, young or old, can remain indifferent to the band's touching qualities.

The Blue Pearls perform their music with intuition and integrity.

Many people regret that they did not take the chance or did not have the opportunity to see "so-and-so" live. Don't make the same mistake again. The Blue Pearls will be one of those legendary acts, that you will regret not seeing live.

The Blue Pearls

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